The KLT formula of making more sales online

Everyone who is into one online business or digital marketing wants something… which is Profit.

Whether you are selling a service, product(physical or digital), your own product or promoting someone else product, you will agree with me that you want profit.

Come to think of it, profit does not come without PEOPLE.

People gives you the profit. So the more people buy your product or service, the more profit you make.

One of the reasons why people struggle when selling their services or product or when looking to sell other peoples product is because everyone is in a hurry to get the sale.

Thereby leading to little or no sales.

Understanding the KLT factor will help you increase sales. Principles govern things in life, and KLT principle is one of those you need to make more sales online or attract clients to your services.

The KLT factor simply stands for

K- Know
L- Like
T- Trust

If you can turn any cold prospect to Know, Like and Trust You.

You have definitely hit the jackpot in your business.

Trust me…

This works.

Another advantage is that you would continually be able to sell multiple product to the same set of people over and over again. Those who dont apply this principle may make sales but for short time.

One of the ways to identify those working outside this principle is tht they come with BUY ME NOW push…

Clients hates BUY ME… it scares them, especially when it has to do with the internet.

Personally I have seen some good products out there but had some reservations not to buy because the seller came with BUY ME NOW approach.

80% of products and services I have bought are from people I have known, Liked and Trusted.

20% are from friends and associates recommendation

The truth is that your client out there knows that you are trying to sell something to them, but they want to be fantasized, romanced into it and that is what the KLT principle does.

In the next email, i will be showing you how to get started with the KLT principle


Remind the KLT factor stands for

K- Know
L- Like
T- Trust

Many sellers just go out there, selling directly…”BUY ME”, and the funniest aspect of it is that they do it with low Ad budget, no retargeting and remarketing strategy, OMG!

Only the gurus who know there left and right in selling online can put up an Ad selling directly and people will buy, but fo you, who is yet to make his first 1000 sales online, first million online, you need to understand the KLT formula.

I repeat, people buy from someone they Know, Like and Trust.

I dont know about you, but i have actually trekked a distance just to buy some items from a particular shop while i could have gotten the same item from a shop across my street…

Why is it so?

KLT is working

At this point, you may be asking yourself, how do I apply this formula, How can I make people to Know, Like and Trust me?


Lets take the “K” ie KNOW

for people to know you, you have to tell them who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

This brings me to information. provide valuable information in your expertise. You can go about this buy creating contents (videos, PDFs, social media and blog spot).

If you have a good advert budget, send them to your blog and landing pages to download free contents, then follow them up via email auto reponder, then you can start recommending your products or other person’s.

If you have little or no advert budget, then join Facebook groups and forums that are concerned with with expertise and educate members of the groups and forum, make contributions to other people’s posts.


L stands for Like

Consistency and value breeds likeness. They more consistent and value oriented you are, the more likeness and familiar you become to your target audience. They will start looking out for your content, comment frequently, like and share your contents.


Trust represents the “T”

At the point getting people to know and like you, you build some level of trust in them, and at them time, you sell your products or service as time progresses.

The trust stronger when people decide to try out what you have been recommending (buy from you) and get the expected result. They will not only trust you, also they will become repeated buyers, and with their recommendations and testimonial you can get new people to buy and trust you.

On the other hand you will loose their trust if your product or service does not give them expected result, and that can be disastrous, as it will take time to regain their trust.

The concept is tied towards building your email list. Instead of running direct sales Ad (Buy Me Ads) for beginners, rather run ad focusing on building your email list of prospects that will end up buying your product.

Your Ad should be a free gift (content, video, free consultancy etc.) relating to your main offer, then setup email follow up sequence that will get them to know you more, like and finally buy buy trusting you.

This email sequence can run after setup while you are asleep.

I will be breaking down the processes of building any kind of email list of different buyers…

I will continue this teaching if this post gets at least 10 shares, comments and 20 Likes

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