6 Myths and Lies About Making Money Online and Internet Business

There are some myths and philosophies that need to be put to check and corrected about Internet/ Online Business.
This misconception and lies have made many people get frustrated online because they got fed with some junks and fake ideology. Below are some of them, so you can have proper understanding of what you are venturing into.



1. You don’t need money to start: This is one myth about Internet business that is false. You definitely need money to start.

The beautiful thing is that the money needed may not be up to the money you will need to rent an office space or shop.

You can start with a little amount of money. I started with less than $50. I know colleagues who started with $20 and above.

Come to think of it, we call it “Internet Business”. The word “business” means it needs capital.
The money you spend on subscription so you can browse the internet is part of the capital when you really want to start an Internet business.

The bottom line is that you can start with little capital.


2.Anyone can do Internet marketing because it is easy: This is one lie that lands many newbies into making a mess on the internet, and become frustrated.

Due to the hype we see on videos, posts and eBooks. The results of successful internet marketers (Of course those huge figures are real, I don’t dispute it, because i make them too).

Due to the hype, it then appears to look so easy to make such figures under day in the eyes of a newbie or outsider.

You may not like what am about to say.

It is not TRUE that anyone can do it!!

It’s hard on you, yes! But I got to tell you the truth.

Not everyone can create a product, build a responsive list or even do a well-targeted marketing.

This requires training, experience, consistency and perseverance.

Only those who are ready to learn the skill needed to make money online can do it. Belief me, not everybody can do that.


3. You do not need an email List to Succeed: Wow! And again Wow!

Don’t ever stick to that philosophy else you will make a shipwreck of your business online.

I was a victim of this Lie. Thank God I realized myself on time.

To make money online consistently, recurrent income and over time, you need a pool of costumers.

Your money is in your list.

Start building an email list as quickly as possible.

4. You don’t need a product to make money online: This is a big fat LIE.

Come to think of it, even in the “offline world” you need a product.

Product = Goods or Services

To make money, you are either selling your goods or services.

Hope you get it clearly?

Money does not fall down…

The same way it applies offline that is how it is online.

Before you start thinking of Internet Business, ask yourself, what product will I sell? (Goods or Services).

5. You don’t need any technical knowledge: You must have heard stories of people who own top sites that we visit today but they had no technical knowledge.

Yes it’s true. They had no technical knowledge when they started, but take 5 minutes and research on those people, you will find out that, they went back to acquire technical knowledge.

Though they are not the ones doing the technical jobs, but they have little knowledge of what is going on. They are not completely in the dark.

I will use myself as an example…

I do very little or no technical job in my agency. I have got a team that handles that, but i have the basic background of what they are doing.

Having no technical background will make you fall victim of unnecessary extortion from those who has the tech knowledge.

Before I had a great team, when I was doing virtually everything.

I had an issue with one of my sites, I contacted a “supposed HTML coder”, and he billed my ass off. And I paid.

It took him 1 week to fix the issue on my site (Now I can tell you that he purposely delayed so I would think it’s a big issue).

Months past after he fixed the issue, I did something on my site that prompted that issue again, and I decided to figure out the solution by myself.

Little did I know that I needed to place a line of code I mistakenly erased on my site’s back end.

And I did that within 2 minutes.

But it was something I paid $300 for and it took him 1 week to fix.

Having a technical knowledge, helps you from being “played” by the tech guys. Except in cases of advanced programming.

The basic knowledge you have will help you understand what they are doing, and also know when a good work is done.

6. You don’t no need any experience to succeed online: Don’t fall for this LIE.

I was a victim of this LIE.

You need some experience, if you really want to make money online.

One thing you don’t need an experience for in life is “Breathe”

When you came out from your mother’s womb, you just began to breathe without experience.

You need to get some guide, training and information.

You need to be told what works and does not work in Internet Business. The “tricks of the trade”.

Working with and learning from someone who has been there and succeeded can save you the stress of figuring things out yourself, time and more money and you grow faster.

You need a coach and mentor… It works

Be ready to go through the process and be educated.

Internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. But you can definitely become the millionaire you dream of, if you are willing to do what it takes rightly.

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